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Consulting Services

ARS Systems Corp. provides consulting services in the following areas of expertise:

  • System Design Engineering

  • System Implementation Services

  • Construction Management Support 

  • Project Management

  • Record Management

System Design Engineering 

Construction Management

  • Preparation and Review of System Design Documentation 

    • Detail Design Drawing development

    • Wiring and Termination Layout Drawings

    • Technical Specifications Development

    • Calculations and Analysis 

    • Surveys and Feasibility Studies

  • Ensure Construction as per approved drawings and specifications.

  • Documentation of contractors daily work.
  • Redlining of Shop and As-Built Drawings.​
  • Provide Inspection Services, Progress Reports and Non-Conformance Reports.
  • Assessment of Work Site Conditions including pertaining Safety and Quality,

System Implementation Services

  • Preparation and Evaluation of System Installation and Testing Documentation​:

    • Preliminary Design Review (PDR), Critical Design Review (CDR) and Final Design Review (FDR).

    • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and Final Acceptance Sign-offs.

Construction / Project Management

  • Management of all aspects of a project on behave of the major stakeholders including but not limited to the following:

    • General Contractor & Sub-Contractor interactions work compliance as per contract specifications. 

    • Job Progress Meetings

    • Additioal Work Order (AWO) Scope of Work (SOW) Development​​ and Negotiations.​

System Design Engineering 

Construction Management Support

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